Our mission.

ilk is a free and independent print-publication that tries it’s best to give Ōtepoti’s creative community a welcome and safe place to share their thoughts and start conversations that ought to be started/continued.

As a fresh avocado needs time to rippen, ilk’s form will also slowly and naturally evolve. Currently dancing somewhere along the lines of a social/cultural/political publication – ilk wants the people who contribute to the publication, the people who view it, who read it, who stow it away in their bag for the bus ride home to be the ones who help rippen this paper-made avocado.

Our funding/support system.

In order to keep ilk free from big-dog corporate advertising and influence, we want to create a reader-funded system that feels similar to a circular massage train – great for everyone.

With that in mind, and in order to keep ilk as accessabile as possible while remaining a free publication, we are seeking help via ongoing patronage.

What that means for you (and us).

In a nutshell, by donating a small monthly or one-off amount, you will be directly keeping ilk alive and kicking – helping to pay for printing costs, maintenance and remuneration for contributing artists. In return, you will get the next issue of ilk mailed/delivered directly to you – with monthly supporters getting each new issue of ilk delivered to them as they are released (every 4 or so months) – making sure you never miss out. You will also have your name listed (of course anonymity is okay too) on the back page of each issue as a token of our gratitude and a reminder of who really keeps this thing going (YOU).

Our patrons.

  • Tim Field
  • Allie Cunninghame
  • Lisa Wilkie
  • Devon Richardson
  • Ian Telfer
  • Tigh Barrie
  • Fran Shaw
  • Stephen Stringer
  • Imelda Morgan
  • Imogen Salvage
  • Elayna Amezcua
  • Josh Thom
  • Rory McLean
  • Joy Auckram
  • Bree Richardson
  • Dallas Henley
  • Zoe Hart